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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch filmed in Croydon, Southwark and Islington

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Bandersnatch, the latest interactive Dystopian Black Mirror experience, was broadcast on Netflix on December 28. FilmFixer manages the film office […]

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Kingston’s ‘Mayor’ turns on lights early in Waitrose’s recent Christmas ‘Too good to wait’ commercial

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Kingston ancient marketplace and Guildhall

The ancient market place in Kingston provided the backdrop for Waitrose’s highly entertaining Christmas advertisement in which the Mayor can’t […]

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Danson House, setting for a royal mud bath

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The Favourite,  Yorgos Lanthimos’ bawdy baroque comedy has begun an impressive UK box office run after winning glory at the Venice […]

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Employment opportunity case study

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Cultivating employment opportunities in the screen industries for local aspiring talent. The Challenge: London’s ongoing film and TV production boom […]

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Two Camden businesses are Visa high street heroes

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Two independent Camden businesses amongst high street heroes in Visa’s Christmas Advert Visa has given the Christmas format a new […]

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ASDA’s Christmas Advert 2018 – Filming in Barnet

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Whetstone Christmas Tree

ASDA has released its energetic and fun-filled Christmas Campaign about the excitement of bringing Christmas home. Part of the advert […]

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