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FilmFixer offers a location representation service to local authorities and private landowners wishing to generate income by hosting filming and photography.

As the film service provider for more London local authorities than any other film office, our dedicated team works to maximise filming income for borough councils whilst respecting local communities and stakeholders.

By securing donations for suitable local causes, offering our Set Ready Training programme to those seeking employment, and creating initiatives such as The Generator Project, we ensure that filming provides holistic benefits and is sustainable for host areas. We act as a single point of contact for productions needing multiple council services, and liaise with all departments to provide an adaptable, yet unified, service.

For private landowners, filming and photography offers a unique opportunity to increase revenue during quieter periods. Locations awaiting development, and that are therefore temporarily disused, are perfect to host film unit bases, with productions covering security costs on top of location fees.

As well as hiring a location for filming, crews need suitable spaces for green rooms, wardrobe, hair & make-up, holding areas and dining. Our film service is carefully tailored to each client to protect their interests whilst also making the location viable for filmmakers.

With over 8,000 shoots per year, we are the largest film service in the UK.

Our portfolio includes 13 London boroughs, Screen Suffolk, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, The Peabody Group and a host of other private locations.
Every major London TV and film production has booked into at least one of our client locations over the past five years.

If you represent a local authority, please contact Chief Executive Officer, Karen Everett at

If you represent a private location, please contact our dedicated team at

What we offer

As leading experts in the field, our passion and strong company ethos puts our clients at the heart of all our operations. We strive for excellence to deliver a quality service for the UK film industry.


We are the UK’s leading choice of film service provider due to our strong working relationships with all of our clients, from local authorities, to property developers, heritage sites and other private venues.

Our unique position in the industry means we are trusted by UK location managers, who rely on us for complete support from scouting to wrap.

With over a decade of experience managing filming in diverse locations, we are prepared for the unique challenges that filming on location can pose.


We are hands-on – carefully vetting all applications to ensure requests are feasible and worthwhile, and managing them closely throughout the application process.


We always ensure payment is made in advance to protect revenue for each booking.


We are experienced agents, enabling our clients can focus on their normal day-to-day business.


• We work with our clients to advise on feasibility, practicalities, and income expectations from the outset of each enquiry.


• With multiple specialised teams, we have the capacity to give all of our clients the time and attention required to make them successful filming locations.


• We visit and photograph every location that we represent. Subsequently we know our locations inside out and can promote them confidently to a highly targeted audience of trusted partners.


• How do I register my location?

Please note that FilmFixer does not represent residential properties. Instead, we focus on commercial and meanwhile use spaces. We currently only operate in London and the Home Counties. If you would like to enquire further about our services, please email (please ensure you attached a few images of your location).

• What can FilmFixer do for me?

In essence, FilmFixer provides both promotion and booking management services.

Promotion: Locations we work with are featured on our website and social media accounts, put forward for location briefs and sent to our mailing list of the top 500 Location Managers in South England. We also create bespoke filming brochures for our full-service clients.

Booking Management: When a production wishes to film at your location, we arrange contracts, rates, invoicing, health and safety documentation, insurance, art department documentation and payments on your behalf. Once the shoot has finished, all you need to do is send us an invoice.

• Can I choose to accept/decline bookings?

The full details are always sent to you for approval before a booking is agreed. It will be up to you if the booking proceeds or not.

• Is there a fee to work with FilmFixer?

We do not charge any fees for our services. We take a pre-arranged percentage of location fees from bookings that proceed. Therefore, we only make money when you do too.

• How much can I make from filming?

Location fees are calculated by our team based on our experience of industry expectations and are tailored to the location. We always aim to be competitive, whilst simultaneously maximising revenue.

• Why should I work with FilmFixer?

FilmFixer has a proven track record as the UK’s largest film office and location agency. Our highly professional staff manage over 8,000 bookings across London and the Home Counties every year – including everything from fashion photoshoots and commercials to Marvel blockbusters, James Bond and high-end TV for Netflix, AppleTV+, Disney+ and more. All of our enquiries are processed through our FilmApp software, developed by our sister company Apply4, and is now used for filming and events around the world.

• What makes a good filming location?

The film & TV industry’s location needs are forever changing. Every production needs something different, but every good location has a ‘wow’ factor. This could be anything from a vast amount of space, historic/period details, unique architecture like brutalist or ultra-modern or even a space that is versatile, and can double as numerous other locations.


More than this, great filming locations often include parking (whether for a few technical vehicles or an entire 60-100 vehicle unit base) and either green room spaces for dining, wardrobe and cast/crew holding space or a large outdoor space where the production can build a temporary marquee to meet these needs. These elements are not essential, but it can give locations an edge above other options presented to the director.