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Apply for Permit

All applications must be submitted online via FilmApp, the global industry standard in permitting for film and TV productions, created by our sister company, Apply4.

Each borough and private location has its own dedicated section on FilmApp so please ensure you select the right instance of FilmApp under the FAQs:



• Do I need a permit for shoot on a street?

Common law rights allow users of public highways to “pass and re-pass … and to make reasonable use of it”. Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 restricts these rights where the use of the highway causes an “obstruction” to other users rights of free passage. If you are considered to be causing an obstruction then there is a risk that you will be stopped from shooting. If the local authority is not aware (via a permit) that you will be shooting in the area then you can be asked to stop. If a member of the public complains and you don’t have a permit, then you may be asked to move on by the police. 


Therefore, in effect, you do not need a permit on a footway if:

  •         the total amount of people in your party is 5 or less
  •         you are using handheld equipment or just a camera and tripod
  •         you allow a minimum of 1.5m for pedestrians, wheelchairs and double buggies to pass and do not obstruct other people
  •         the street is not private, part of a pedestrianised area, on a housing estate, in a market/park/cemetery


As the above does not constitute official permission for delivery or clearance purposes, we strongly advise that a permit should be sought for filming for commercial broadcast.


We cannot give permission to film on the highway itself without traffic management.

• Do I need permission to fly a drone?

If your take-off and/or landing point is on or within 30m of public land, then you must obtain a permit. We require the following documentation: pilot’s CAA licence, RAMs and £10m public liability insurance; flight plan (showing the take-off / landing point, marshal positions, flight area and the ‘buffer zone’ – a circle defining a 30m radius from the take-off point which must be marshalled and which must not come into contact with any humans, buildings, highways, etc.).


Sometimes traffic management may be required in order to safely conduct the drone flight and we may require a community engagement process to be undertaken.

• What fees do I have to pay?

Location fees are payable for shoots in any of the following locations: housing estates, libraries, parks, open spaces, pedestrianised areas, markets, leisure centres, council buildings, car parks or any privately owned location.


When shooting on a public highway, you will not be charged a location fee, but admin fees are still applicable. There may also be other fees attached to your shoot such as temporary structure fees or traffic management fees, depending on what you plan to do. Charities producing content in-house and students may be eligible for reduced fees. Once your application has been submitted, we will be in contact with a quote.

• Do I need to provide insurance?

Yes, you are required to supply Public Liability Insurance of a minimum of £5million. The insurance must be in the name of the production company named on the application and it must be valid in the UK. This can be uploaded in the ‘Documents’ tab?

• Why won’t FilmApp let me submit my application?

Please ensure that all sections with an asterisk are filled in on the application form. FilmApp will not allow you to submit an application unless these are completed.

• I have submitted my application but have not heard anything back in days.

Please check the application reference number does not begin with TMP. If it does, this means your application is still a draft. Please ensure all sections are completed and click ‘Submit’. If this is still the case, please contact us via email or telephone and we can redirect you to the Film Officer in charge of your application.

• Why won’t my document upload in the Documents tab?

Please ensure that after you drag and drop the document into the required area, that you click ‘Submit’ afterwards, or your document will not be saved.

• What file types do you accept for documents?

We accept .pdf and .docx formats for uploading onto FilmApp. If you are a Mac user, please ensure that any .pages files are converted to one of the above before uploading.

• How can I pay my invoice?

We require cleared payment upfront. The fastest way to pay is by card online, using the payment link in the body of the email the invoice is attached to. If you pay by BACS (bank transfer), then please send remittance advice or proof of payment inc. our bank details and address. Once received, we can generate your permit.

Are you applying for a permit at a council or private location?