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Celebrating The Lioness’

The Lionesses did England proud, and we saw them fight their way to the final of the Women’s World Cup and FilmFixer supported several shoots, cheering the team on from the moment they flew to Australia.

Kingston Film Office was thrilled to support the filming of an ITV Lioness advert at the Cambridge Road Estate, shining a spotlight on its vibrant community spirit. The estate came alive with the display of England and international flags, against the backdrop of a hot summer day with children playing football. The advert not only highlighted the film-friendly atmosphere but also captured a snapshot of the estate’s inclusive and lively character.



In the heart of Bromley, a quiet suburban street underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming the unexpected backdrop for a captivating Nike commercial featuring a Lioness.

On a beautiful summer’s day, the community came together to witness their familiar surroundings undergo a stunning makeover, as England flags adorned the street, creating an atmosphere of unity and excitement. The focal point of the commercial was Chloe Kelly, the dynamic footballer, donning the latest Nike sportswear. As she skilfully kicked a football towards the camera, the streets of Bromley became a dynamic stage for showcasing athleticism and style. This commercial really created a memorable spectacle, capturing the essence of community, sports, and style.

Bromley Film Office played a crucial role in making this spectacle possible by facilitating the filming process. With their support, the production team obtained necessary licenses for traffic management and crane usage, allowing them to execute a visually spectacular shoot that left residents in awe.



Hounslow Film Office proudly assisted with a shoot with Thornbury Park as a picturesque backdrop beneath the flight path taken by the England team on their journey to Australia. This symbolic location set the stage for a message of support that echoed as loudly as the pride felt for the Lionesses.

The choice of Thornbury Park as the shoot location was deliberate, placing the celebration directly beneath the flight path taken by the England team on their journey to Australia. This subtle yet powerful gesture conveyed the idea that the support for the Lionesses transcends geographical boundaries. As the team soared above, the park became a symbol of unwavering encouragement, a testament to the united pride felt for the Lionesses’ endeavours on the global stage.



We may have not won the Women’s World Cup, but we are proud to support the Lioness’


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