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Hospitals and Hijack comes to Kingston University

Fully controllable multi-site hospitals are hard to find. However, look no further than Cambridgeshire Hospital – which features empty wards, corridors, exteriors and roads.
We also have a new hospital ward at Kingston University available throughout the summer and into September 2023Did you also spot the University’s Courtyard in Episode 3 of “Hijack” (Apple TV+)? 
We have put together some great Production Base options for you across London &   Home Counties that could be just right for your next production. 

Cambridgeshire Hospital  

This disused hospital in Cambridgeshire is set across 13 acres with mixture of modern, untouched, ready-to-go wards, as well as those of many other periods, in particular 1920s, 1950s and 1970s. Other facilities on site include a morgue, a convalescence home overlooking a lake, a vast number of receptions and a series of tunnels used as air raid shelters in World War Two. 

The buildings could easily double for a police station, civic centre, mental health hospital, government building, nursing home or a shelter. There are also some empty houses onsite that could be used for a more residential setting also with controllable roads. Unit bases of all sizes can be accommodated onsite. 

Please Note: This location is only available for commercial bookings with a location budget of a minimum £3,000 + VAT p/day; it is available ‘as found’ – the electrical, lighting, heating and water supplies have been switched off.

Hospital ward available at Kingston University 

The University have availability within this hospital ward throughout August and the first three weeks in September 2023. This fully functioning ward, used to train students, features all current NHS fixtures and fittings and provides the option of hiring their equipment.

Also filmed at the University inside the Courtyard….

Hijack (Apple TV+) Ep3 – Draw a Blank (Watch from 26:00)

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