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Camden Markets: Vibrant Backdrops for Your Next Film Project

Camden is home to an eclectic mix of markets scattered all across the borough. We are here to get you better acquainted with each of these brilliant locations. From striking urban locations to bustling trading areas, our markets offer a range of options to suit your creative vision.

Leather Lane Market

Leather Lane Market, located in the heart of Holborn, is a busy hub of activity. Its narrow streets are lined with an array of food stalls during weekdays. In other times it offers a beautiful urban setting which can be the most excellent choice for capturing the essence of London’s street life. Leather Lane has hosted a number of shoots in the past, films like Indiana Jones, Last Christmas, TV series Slow Horses, commercials for McDonalds and many more.

Queens Crescent Market

The north of the borough boasts a busy and vibrant Queens Crescent Market, situated not far from Kentish Town. The market operates two days per week. The rest of the time the long stretch of the road can be used for filming offering a mix of shop fronts and residential properties as a backdrop.

Earlham Street Market

Earlham Street Market, located in the heart of Covent Garden, exudes a trendy yet classic London vibe. The cobblestone streets, designer boutiques, and historic architecture provide a visually stunning setting for a wide range of film genres.

Inverness Street Market

Inverness Street Market, at the heart of Camden Town, is a vibrant and lively location, lined with music shops, bars and cafes. It’s hosted shoots for TV series, commercials and even music videos. The market’s proximity to iconic landmarks like Camden Market and the Roundhouse makes it a prime location for capturing the essence of London’s cultural life.

Other smaller markets across Camden offer a variety of locations. Swiss Cottage Market is a pedestrianised square that can be dressed to any kind of brief.

Chalton Street Market in Somers Town by Kings Cross is a surprisingly quiet leafy street lined with shops and residential housing that has it’s own distinctive neighbourhood look.

Tiny Plender Street Market in Camden Town is located on a small street just off the hustle and bustle of the town. It can be an easier location to manage if you are looking for some inner London backdrops.

Film-Friendly and Accessible

Camden Markets are not only visually appealing but also film-friendly. Many of these markets are pedestrianized, and roads can be temporarily closed for film shoots, making them easy to manage for productions of various sizes.

Whether you’re in search of historic charm, contemporary flair, or a multicultural atmosphere, Camden Markets have something unique to offer. To learn more about utilizing these vibrant markets as filming locations, reach out to the Camden Film Office at or by calling 020 7620 0391. Camden Markets await to be the backdrop for your next cinematic masterpiece.

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