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Strawberry Hill House & Garden

FilmFixer is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Strawberry Hill House & Garden in south-west London. Ready to accept features and HETV immediately, Strawberry Hill is a perfect location to facilitate shoots of all sizes.
We are also proud to introduce two new industrial locations – an expansive boiler room in Waterloo and an industrial chic venue in the heart of Shoreditch.
Strawberry Hill House is one of the most celebrated examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the UK. The House was envisaged by writer and politician Horace Walpole, and was built in 1749. 
The succession of gilt and mirrored galleries get progressively more opulent throughout the House, each painted in different colours and offering a different style to the other spaces. The location also features various drawing rooms, a grand staircase and a cafe.

The Library, in particular, exhibits a mastery of architectural creativity. Made of wood, rather than stone, the Library achieves the look of a gothic, stone structure through various artistic sculptural and painting techniques. This space would be ideal for any library, study, members club or palace/castle scene. 

Over the years, countless alterations and redesigns have left each of the bedrooms with a unique style and flare, while keeping firm to the gothic revival roots of the location. 

The exteriors offer a range of unique areas and vantage points, from large trees, white castle walls and large lawns to gothic gardens, stone walls and hidden hedge passages.
A car park on site can facilitate tech parking and additional parking or marquee builds are possible on an adjacent lawn. Four large green rooms are also perfect for supporting any scale shoot on site. 
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