Community Benefits from Filming MotherFatherSon

Community Benefits from Filming MotherFatherSon

MotherFatherSon, starring Richard Gere, is on BB2.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for 16 London Boroughs including Southwark, Kingston, Islington, Haringey, Camden, Bexley, Barnet and Bromley, where MotherFatherSon was filmed.

Community benefits

Filming for the production took place in a number of residential areas and the production made generous donations in Kingston to Cambridge Road Estates Community Group and Cambridge Road Estate Residents association.

Residents of Thamesmead (shown in photo) also benefited, as fees from filming go to Thamesmead 50th fund, ensuring that filming activity directly benefits the local community.


Thamesmead where scenes for MotherFatherSon were filmed.

Thamesmead where scenes for MotherFatherSon were filmed (Image: FilmFixer)


The production also gave valuable work experience to local  Thamesmead resident, Riordan Tyson.

Riordan, who says he would like to become an editor, has been building up his CV and is already working on another production in Thamesmead.

As Riordan says, “I greatly enjoyed working on MotherFatherSon. The crew were more than willing to help me out with advice regarding a typical day on set, as well as more general advice for my future career in film making.  They were really appreciative of my help.”

Peabody and FilmFixer are committed to helping Thamesmead residents gain work experience or extras positions on shoots and all productions are required to work with FilmFixer to source local talent.

FilmFixer has also placed social value, employment, and skills development at the heart of its new Film Office Service contracts.


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch filmed in Croydon, Southwark and Islington

Bandersnatch, the latest interactive Dystopian Black Mirror experience, was broadcast on Netflix on December 28.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for Croydon, Southwark and Islington where filming took place.

Scenes were shot in Croydon on St Georges Walk, outside Number 1 Croydon, and on the A222 using an old Route Master bus.  The crew also filmed in SE1 in Sumner Street inside the Blue Fin Building and then moved on to Islington to shoot scenes at the Finsbury Health Centre.

In Islington film unit parking bases were also provided in Finsbury Square, Northampton Road and the Peel Centre.

FilmFixer facilitated the filming and kept everything running smoothly especially for local residents. In Islington, residents said that the whole experience was well organised and praised the lack of disruption to residents.

The production also made generous donations to Cancer Research (the Mayor of Croydon’s charity) in Croydon and to the Peel Centre, Catherine Griffiths Court and Clerkenwell Tenants Residents Associations in Islington.

Two Camden businesses are Visa high street heroes

Two independent Camden businesses amongst high street heroes in Visa’s Christmas Advert

Visa has given the Christmas format a new twist and focused on independent shop keepers.  Their Christmas campaign highlights the magic of the high street at Christmas and celebrates independent shopkeepers, two of them in Camden.

The advert shines a spotlight on nine real shopkeepers – including a butcher, a baker, a bookseller and a florist – who are the heroes of Britain’s high streets.

Two local Camden businesses: West End Books on West End Lane in West Hampstead, and Belsize Terrace Fruiterers in Belsize Park were featured and the delightful snow scene at the end of the advert was filmed on Belsize Terrace.

FilmFixer was there to make sure everything ran smoothly and disruption to residents and local business was kept to a minimum.

The production crew also made generous donations to Age UK Camden’s the Warm Heart Campaign as well as to the Belsize Residents Association.

London film jobs for Londoners

Camden local Charlie Roskilly lands a full-time role with Lime Pictures.

With the support of Filmfixer’s training manager, Sue Russo, Charlie spent 10 weeks on Series 5 of Celebs Go Dating over the summer this year (2018), the series currently airing on E4 (October and November 2018).

Having impressed Lime Pictures as a freelance runner, he was invited to return on a full-time contract for the next series which starts filming this month (November 2018).

Sue Russo says “ Lime pictures were filming in the borough over a six month period. They were particularly keen to put something back into the community so we asked them to take on some new talented runners. We worked in conjunction with Camden council and their communities team in order to source aspiring new entrants into the film industry.”

Charlie was shortlisted from a large number of applicants and was subsequently sent for interview before being selected.

“It wouldn’t have happened without Sue,” Charlie says. “A lot of people working in these London roles are not from London.”

Sue explained that landing jobs in the screen industries often requires personal connections and doing unpaid internships which can put vital work experience beyond the reach of many talented individuals: “At Filmfixer we really believe this needs to change.”

She believes wholeheartedly that London’s screen industries can benefit enormously from employing people who are able to contribute a wide range of stories, outlooks and expertise. She is also working with key partners such as the BFI, Call Time, Film London’s Equal Access Network and Screen Skills, as well as production companies, to improve equality of opportunity in the industry.

“We encourage all the productions we work with, particularly the large ones, to ensure that training and job opportunities are being offered to local talent. It was obvious that Charlie would be a brilliant candidate.”

What has this opportunity meant to Charlie?

“I felt really welcomed by the Lime Pictures production team as well as the crew and celebs on the show, everyone has been cool. I think it’s a two way street, even though I was more junior everyone treated me with respect and it’s those sorts of things that keep you motivated.”

Charlie now has a foothold in the industry which will enable him to work towards his next career goal. Sue recently visited Charlie on set to see him at work. She was able to observe what a valued member of the team he had become. And they have already discussed his next steps to achieve his aspirations of working in research and development.

BT brings New Order to Croydon

Croydon stars in a new BT ad, set to New Order’s epochal Blue Monday. Take a look at the ad here.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for Croydon Film Office. FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett explains, “In the ad, a young woman leaves her flat for a night out. She’s so immersed in the track she’s streaming that people around her seem to be lip synching the lyrics.

“Surrey Street Market can always be relied on as an atmospheric location and this occasion was no exception, with the market working hard to support the shoot.

“The actress walks past shutters going down along the market and stops as a truck is reversing out of Overton’s Yard.

“On High Street, she steps into a taxi and is dropped off at Surrey Street. And back on High Street she passes the Ludoquist – a board game café

“At Katharine Street she steps onto a Zebra Crossing, as extras head in the opposite direction.

“At North End, she passes a queue at the cash machine and someone handing out free papers before she meets a friend.

“Then once again on Surrey Street Market she joins a queue of people waiting to go inside a venue.

“It’s a great bit of work that was shot in May this year, with a cast and crew of 120.

“The production also made a lovely donation to the local Whitgift Almshouses to thank the community.”

Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World filmed in Suffolk

All The Money In The World is almost more famous now for replacing Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer at the last minute.

Take a look at the trailer here. However, we point to the opportunities it provided for two local Suffolk film trainees, while shooting for a week in the county at Elveden Hall.

FilmFixer manages the one-stop filming service in the county, Screen Suffolk. The scenes filmed in Suffolk involved just the star Charlie Plummer, in a dreamy sequence about a former time in Morocco, visible very briefly in the trailer, and didn’t include Kevin Spacey.

Screen Suffolk director Karen Everett says, “Our support was around finding last minute accommodation for 200 cast and crew at the height of summer in the county – the filming went on between July 24th and July 30th.

“We managed to do it, and asked the production to find some work for local young people. Grace Diggins worked from July 24th to 30th and Claire Stewart worked on July 29th.

“We were really grateful to the production for creating these opportunities. Claire was one of Screen Suffolk’s first young people onboard, she registered via the site for work experience back in December.

“With Ridley Scott directing, the film stars Kevin Spacey and Mark Wahlberg as well as Michelle Williams. It tells the true story of oil billionaire John Paul Getty initially refusing ransom demands, when his grandson John Paul Getty III was kidnapped in the early Seventies aged 16.

“Elveden Hall was dressed as a Moroccan palace owned by the Gettys. Although the details were kept quite shrouded, the young actor Charlie Plummer spent the week filming there, playing the young John Paul Getty III.

“Elveden Hall’s many former owners include the Maharajah Duleep Singh, ruler of the the Sikh empire, who was forced into exile by the British East India Company. He bought the estate in 1863 and re-modelled the interior to look like a Mughal palace, leaving this corner of Suffolk with sumptuous and exotic interiors that were clearly perfect for the filmmaker’s needs, as the location was put to work playing a Moroccan palace. And being in Suffolk, it was a far more convenient Moroccan palace than the real thing.”

Putting Suffolk firmly on the film map

FilmFixer is delighted to announce that it will manage Suffolk’s film office on behalf of all eight local authorities – ensuring Suffolk too participates in the benefits of England’s film boom.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett, also local to Suffolk, says, “We are very aware of big film productions passing from London through Suffolk to shoot elsewhere in England. Now, we are looking forward to letting those productions know they should stop right here – putting Suffolk firmly on the film map.”

FilmFixer is dedicated to promoting local facilities and employing local suppliers – the first of whom will be local designers, as FilmFixer rebrands and relaunches the film service as Screen Suffolk.

“Our main focus is to ensure Suffolk residents and businesses benefit directly from the inward investment of filming,” says Karen. “We encourage all those who’d like to engage with the industry to contact us. From caterers, hotels, removalists and boat rentals to equipment suppliers, creatives and production crew of all kinds, we are gathering the contacts we’ll include on an industry-facing website. We will always introduce locals to productions looking for support.

“Please email us at in the first instance.

“This county offers the perfect combination of film service infrastructure, creative talent, and fantastic locations – along with its convenience to London. We are very much looking forward to promoting all this to the global film industry, in particular through our network of 12,000 industry professionals.”

FilmFixer currently manages the film office service for one third of London councils – attracting every big Hollywood-style production in the UK into client boroughs for the past five years. Suffolk makes a compelling addition.

“The county has so much to offer by way of beaches and waterways, fens, airfields, WWI trenches, historical treasures, pristine villages and fantastic abandoned buildings,” says Karen. “The production space available is far more affordable than in London. And Suffolk is able to offer its unique locations at short notice – which is immensely valuable to the industry.”

In a time of dramatically reduced government spending, FilmFixer’s client councils have found film production spend a valuable revenue source.

In Suffolk, FilmFixer is committed to attracting at least 100 days of filming into the county in its first year, and plans to quadruple this by 2020.

A further committment to Suffolk is resident engagement, ensuring locals benefit directly from the filming going on at their doorstep. FilmFixer has a long history of ensuring productions hire local talent – in front of and behind the cameras, provide work experience opportunities to young people, and offer set visits to local schools.

All productions are required to consult and involve all residents and businesses directly, before proceeding with any filming. A 24-hour telephone number enables residents to telephone at any time if they are concerned about filming going on in their neighbourhoods.

A new website will further involve residents in local filming, providing updates and opportunities.

For the film industry, online services will include a locations library – making the search for Suffolk gems even easier.

And the company’s FilmApp software platform makes booking locations simple for productions – particularly from mobile devices. FilmApp will also unify all applications across Suffolk’s seven district councils and the county council.

FilmFixer will formally launch Screen Suffolk to the global film industry at London’s annual prestigious production gathering, Focus, in December.

Karen Everett says, “Last year the number of productions filming in the English regions increased by *37 percent, amounting to £93 million on-location spend and over 7,700 days of work for crew.

“It’s vital that Suffolk attracts a share of this and directly benefits residents as a result.”

Recent big-budget productions filmed in FilmFixer locations include Jason Bourne, the Big Friendly Giant, Now You See Me 2, Bridget Jones’s Baby, Wonder Woman and Brad Pitt in War Machine and Five Seconds of Silence, just to name a few.

*(Creative England statistics including regional Film Offices)