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Fictional protection officer’s flat is in Stoneleigh Terrace

PRODUCERS behind one of the most-talked-about TV thrillers made donations to a primary school and residents’ associations after filming in Highgate.

The New Journal reported earlier this year how Bodyguard was partly shot in the neighbourhood. Richard Madden’s protection officer character David Budd has a flat in Stoneleigh Terrace, a key location in an upcoming episode, and film crews were allowed to used Brookfield Primary School as a base…

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Where Was ‘On Chesil Beach’ Filmed? Location Is Central To This Sensitive Drama.

With three Academy Award nominations under her belt, Saoirse Ronan may be hoping that a return to her roots could finally secure her the trophy. On Chesil Beach, released May 18, is her second appearance in an adaptation of an Ian McEwan novel, after her role in 2007’s Atonement, which earned her a Best Supporting Actress nomination. This new film is set a bit more recently, in 1962, and centres on a newly married couple honeymooning by a windy British beach (I’ll give you three guesses which one). But where exactly was On Chesil Beach filmed? …

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Behind-the-scenes pictures of upcoming BBC law drama The Split being filmed in County Hall, Kingston, have been released.

Filming took place for five days in September and November 2017, with the hall being used to depict a courtroom.

The drama features a female-led cast and focuses on the Defoes, a family of divorce lawyers.

FilmFixer, the company that deals with filming arrangements for Kingston Council, director Karen Everett said: “Being set around a family of lawyers, the script called for extensive courtroom scenes. This was an important location to find…

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School runs were rerouted, scenic routes were taken home from work, and shopping trips were re-scheduled as news that Idris Elba had been spotted in Brockley.

With reports of numerous women and some men spotted swooning on the streets, the actor was seen at the Rivoli Ballroom.

Mr Elba was at the picturesque ballroom filming scenes for the BBC drama Luther and is well known as a charitable and friendly face around the local area…

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