Community Benefits from Filming MotherFatherSon

Community Benefits from Filming MotherFatherSon

MotherFatherSon, starring Richard Gere, is on BB2.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for 16 London Boroughs including Southwark, Kingston, Islington, Haringey, Camden, Bexley, Barnet and Bromley, where MotherFatherSon was filmed.

Community benefits

Filming for the production took place in a number of residential areas and the production made generous donations in Kingston to Cambridge Road Estates Community Group and Cambridge Road Estate Residents association.

Residents of Thamesmead (shown in photo) also benefited, as fees from filming go to Thamesmead 50th fund, ensuring that filming activity directly benefits the local community.


Thamesmead where scenes for MotherFatherSon were filmed.

Thamesmead where scenes for MotherFatherSon were filmed (Image: FilmFixer)


The production also gave valuable work experience to local  Thamesmead resident, Riordan Tyson.

Riordan, who says he would like to become an editor, has been building up his CV and is already working on another production in Thamesmead.

As Riordan says, “I greatly enjoyed working on MotherFatherSon. The crew were more than willing to help me out with advice regarding a typical day on set, as well as more general advice for my future career in film making.  They were really appreciative of my help.”

Peabody and FilmFixer are committed to helping Thamesmead residents gain work experience or extras positions on shoots and all productions are required to work with FilmFixer to source local talent.

FilmFixer has also placed social value, employment, and skills development at the heart of its new Film Office Service contracts.


Fantastic Beasts 2

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is the second of the film trilogy, penned by JK Rowling, and it’s opening on November 16th (November 8th in Paris).

Set in Paris and the UK, some of the key location shoots were in London over a six month-period, facilitated by FilmFixer for our client boroughs, although the location and studio-shot footage is often interspersed, both with plenty of CGI thrown in. Here’s the trailer.

Already in the trailer Lambeth Bridge is recognisable, where Jude Law as Dumbledore tries to talk Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander), into helping out, saying, “I can’t move against Grindelwald, it has to be you.”

Eddie Redmayne and Callum Turner, as his brother in the film Theseus Scamander, are seen performing magic in some high stakes action at Highgate Cemetery, on the borders of Camden, Haringey and Islington.

Newt Scamander’s home is set in St Mary’s Gardens in Lambeth – making it an important continuity location.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for 16 of London’s 33 boroughs including Islington, Lambeth, Camden and Haringey. FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett says, “This is one of the biggest films that shot in London opening this year, and the production made a point of ensuring its impact was as positive as possible.

“The production was extraordinarily generous with donations to local charities near its London locations and gave local young people a career boost with life-changing work experience opportunities.

“Despite the Hollywood scale of this production, the team went to incredible lengths to fit into the communities where it filmed and to minimise any disruption.

“Two trainees were taken on for work experience for four days during the filming in St Mary’s Gardens, Lambeth, from the local programme Creative Sparkworks.

“For local trainees Omar Dick and Robin Barrett, exposure to a production of this scale was a real shot in the arm for their careers, as employers are always looking for as many high-profile film credits as possible.

“It was hard work but Robin said afterwards the range of tasks had given him a good grounding in how the locations department operates, adding that the team at Triton Films was so friendly it was a pleasure working for them and he really felt like part of the team.

“The filming involved 150 cast and crew over two days in November with a couple of extra days for preparation beforehand and returning the square to its former self afterwards.

“The film is set in the 1920s, so road markings and modern signs had to be covered, and modern cars were moved. Locals’ cars were moved to the Imperial War Museum car park and a free 24 hour shuttle bus between there and St Mary’s Gardens was provided. Lighting rigs went up and a rain machine was brought in.

“Local residents and businesses were compensated directly for any disruption the shoot caused them. Some of the local organisations involved included: The Walcot Foundation, the Anonymous Resident Association that includes other non-Walcot Residents in local events such as picnics, The Ship Pub, which accommodated crew as a dining area, JOY, for accommodating the cast in green rooms, Roots & Shoots – which accommodated extras for costume, make-up and dining; Archbishop Sumner School, which allowed the use of their car park on Oakden Street; a donation to Bright Centres; a donation to Ethelred Nursery; and a donation to The Community Care Centre for letting the production store bins on their property.

“The production recognised they were guests in the neighbourhood and committed to minimise disruption as much as possible.

“St Mary’s Gardens is getting used to celebrity guests, after Daniel Day-Lewis filmed some Phantom Thread scenes there in April 2017.

“None of the stars were at the location filming on Lambeth Bridge or Albert Embankment. Cast doubles were used on the bridge. The locations were LIDAR scanned and added into the film in post-production, around the real stars who’d filmed the scenes in the studio. The Albert Embankment filming took place in July and Lambeth Bridge filming in October. A donation was made to the Lambeth High Street Residents Association.

“Across in north London, 200 cast and crew filmed at Highgate Cemetery from October 16th to October 21st last year. This filming involved, ‘four cast members, 60 extras and a magical creature’. Certainly, as we’ve said, Eddie Redmayne and Callum Turner are in those scenes.

“The West Cemetery at Highgate is an incredible location and looks marvellous even in the trailer, with its Victorian Gothic Terrace Catacombs, Egyptian Avenue and the Circle of Lebanon easy to spot.

“The cemetery is a private location, we provided support in making Swain’s Lane available for tech parking and permitting a marquee in Waterlow Park for dining and somewhere the crew and actors could rest.

“Extremely generous donations were made to the Highgate Newtown Community Centre, Clean Break theatre company that supports women on stage, in prison and in the community, The Fresh Youth Academy and Friends of Waterlow Park.

“We really admire the production’s support for these charities that tackle some of the more complex social issues in the community.

“In Islington we facilitated parking for 300 cast and crew filming in the City around Lothbury. We believe these scenes included the Circus Arcanus, however, it has to be said, despite the size of this production, the huge numbers of cast and crew, it managed to keep a lid on almost all aspects of the plot during the location filming.

“As Londoners we are incredibly proud that the capital plays a key role in the film. We also have a great deal of respect for a production that was able to ensure Londoners felt so welcome to benefit directly from this huge production.”

Little Drummer Girl

We’re preparing to be gripped by Alexander Skarsgard and Florence Pugh in the BBC’s new Le Carre thriller Little Drummer Girl, starting Sunday October 28th on BBC One. Here’s the trailer.

Residents around Camden, Haringey and Islington have already had the pleasure, as the series filmed around their neighbourhoods in February and March this year.

Set in 1979, Charlie (Florence Pugh), is an actress performing in pub theatres and struggling to land a breakthrough part. An anonymous benefactor sends her theatre troupe on a rehearsal jaunt to Greece. During the working holiday, she meets Skarsgard and is lured into an international espionage operation.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for Camden, Haringey and Islington. FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett reveals where some of the filming took place: “A private location in Islington’s Oakley Road was used as Charlie’s flat, a punk-like squat where she entertains her theatre friends, and where, without her knowledge, spies are rifling through her belongings.

“Bevin Court in Islington on Holford Street was used as the home of Becker (Alexander Skarsgard). Among the production’s requirements was a prop telephone box, from which a character called Daniel, watches Becker and Charlie as they arrive. The couple head up to a sixth floor flat, with a view west toward the BT Tower.

“One hundred cast and crew filmed inside a home on Amwell Street in Islington, used as the safe house of characters Helga and Rossino.

“Over in Camden on the beautifully brutalist Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate, a particular exterior on Rowley Way was described as a key match, an authentic looking location for the Munich Olympic Village. The lead actors visit a plaque there, commemorating the 1972 massacre of Israel’s Olympic team and police officers.

“A very generous donation was made to residents through the tenants and residents association. In a letter, the production said, ‘We would like to thank all residents and local businesses. The film and TV industry relies heavily on the goodwill of people in the areas we film. We are very grateful for this continued support.’

“Also in Camden, a great deal of action was filmed at University College London, a private location on Bedford Way in Camden, over three days.

“Driving to Becker’s place took Alexander Skarsgard and Florence Pugh from Finsbury Park in Haringey through local streets. The park itself doubled as the outskirts of London, as Florence Pugh playing Charlie rides around on a bus, empty except for one other passenger, and she’s not sure he is a good guy or working for the other side. Nervously, she plays with the thread of the bracelet at the cuff of her jacket.

“The Mildmay Club in Hackney’s Stoke Newington was used as a pub theatre location, around which FilmFixer arranged parking on behalf of Islington Council for the production.

“For filming in the City of London’s Golden Lane Estates garages, FilmFixer arranged parking nearby as well.”

Central and outer London boroughs had roles in Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody

Locations across London’s inner and outer boroughs were called on for Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic about one of the capital’s favourite sons, Freddie Mercury. Some doubled as Mercury’s renowned London haunts and others as New York or Amsterdam. Many of them can be glimpsed already in the trailer. The film opens in the UK on October 24th.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for many of the London councils that helped out with locations in Bromley, Haringey, Lewisham, Southwark, Kingston, Hounslow, and on the Union Canal in Rickmansworth.

FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett says, “As expected, many of the residents the production came across were big fans of the band, and happy that the film was being made in their neighbourhood.

“The production itself did a great job at getting to know residents and making donations to local residents’ groups to thank them.

“In Bromley, the cast and crew had their photo taken with local fire fighters at Norman Park, during filming in October last year.

“Bromley’s Old Town Hall was put to work as Ealing Art College, which Freddie Mercury attended, and where the band gigged. It looks great in the trailer. It also plays the surgery of Freddie Mercury’s doctor.

“In Camden the production filmed band rehearsals in Air Studios on Lyndhurst Road and made a donation to the Christmas fund for the sheltered housing scheme on Waterhouse Close

“Union Street in Southwark doubled as New York. In the trailer you can see Freddie Mercury has thrown his manager out of the limo there.

“In Redcross Way in Southwark, the shoe shop Cobbler’s Nest was turned into a record shop in Amerstam – where Freddie Mercury learns his solo album isn’t doing well.

“A home on Malyons Road in Ladywell, Lewisham, which you can also see in the trailer, plays the Feltham home in West London that Freddie grew up in, in the 70s. The production made a donation to local charity For Jimmy.

“A private location on Ashcombe Avenue in Surbiton, Kingston plays the famous Kensington home of Freddie Mercury, Garden Lodge, which he left to Mary Austin. Lots of engagement with residents was important here, as filming took place over seven days, with up 100 extras for some of the party scenes.

“The back of Garden Lodge is played by Shere House car park off Trinity Street in Southwark

“Hornsey Old Town Hall in Haringey saw a lot of scenes. One of our favourites, which you can see in the trailer, is where Mike Myers as Ray Foster at EMI records says, ‘Mark these words: No one will play Queen,’ and ‘It goes on forever, six bloody minutes.’ To which Rami Malek as Mercury says, ‘I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever.’

“You see the band leaving Foster’s office unhappily, in the forecourt of the Old Town Hall, by the fountain, looking up at Mike Myers’ window.

“In another scene there, manager Jim Beach played by Tom Hollander, is saying, ‘Fortune favours the bold.’

“And there’s another where Freddie visits Mary Austin, who became his girlfriend, at Biba clothing boutique.

“The production worked really well with local residents in Hatherley Gardens, as well as showing just how versatile Hornsey’s Old Town Hall can be.

“In Hounslow, there’s a crowd of 100 inside The Griffin pub on Brook Road South, crammed in to watch the Live Aid broadcast on TV in the 1980s.

“And Mafeking Avenue on Brentford is empty, except that through the open windows of the homes, the sound of Live Aid can be heard blaring out.

“In Rickmansworth, a lovely sunset scene was filmed at Stockers Lock on the towpath along the Grand Union Canal. We organised this permitting on behalf of our client the Canal River Trust.”

Southborough Residents Association in Kingston, McMillan Cancer Trust, street party organisers for Hounslow residents, Friends of Norman Park and Norman Park Athletics Track in Bromley, and Bankside Residents Forum in Southwark all also received community donations, as a thank you from the filmmaker.

Freddie Mercury’s parents were Parsis, Indians of Persian extraction, who followed Zoroastrianism. They arrived in London after fleeing the revolution in Zanzibar in 1964.

London was ready for its next Getty kidnapping close-up

Starting tonight on BBC2, the series Trust takes yet another look at the 1970s kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, grandson of John Paul I. It comes not long after Ridley Scott’s movie All the Money in the World did pretty much the same thing – albeit with a different spin.

While the Ridley Scott film sticks closely to John Paul Getty III’s own version of events, the TV drama explores the rumours, never proven, that the teenager was involved in his own kidnapping to get at some of his grandfather’s money. The 10-part drama filmed in Rome, where the 17-year-old was kidnapped by a mafia gang, as well as London. John Paul Getty I famously lived for 17 years just outside of London in the Tudor manor Sutton Place, Surrey.

Haringey’s Civic Centre was turned into the American embassy in London for the series.

Seventy cast and crew spent a day in December last year filming the sequences. The production made a very generous donation to local mental health charity Mind, by way of thanks.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett adds, “The Civic Centre was perfect for the role, doubling as the old US embassy in Grosvenor Square. Hilary Swank as Gail Getty is demanding help to have her son found and released.

“Other scenes were also filmed at a Peabody home on Stoke Newington Church Street in Haringey. Peabody Estates are private clients of FilmFixer.

“A home in Stanhope Gardens was used for interiors in Haringey.

“And a flat in Hampstead’s Tanza Road in Camden also provided interiors.”

The big production stars Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank, Harris Dickinson and Brendan Frazer. Oscar winner Danny Boyle is the executive producer.

Take a look at the trailer here.

“We recognise we are guests here” – Bodyguard filmed tense scenes across London

The new BBC series Bodyguard filmed tense scenes across London between October last year and February.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for a number of London boroughs where the series was shot.

Keeley Hawes plays a hard-nosed Home Secretary and Richard Madden the police officer assigned to protect her.

FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett explains, “In the show Richard Madden’s character David lives on the Stoneleigh Terrace Estate in Camden. These scenes were filmed over four days in January and were possible thanks to close liaison with residents.

“The production made it clear they recognised they were guests in the area and worked hard to film with minimal disturbance.

“They also made generous donations to tenants and residents associations including Chester Balmore, Brookfield and Whittington Estate and Brookfield Primary School.

“In Islington, a private location on Lofting Road plays the home of David’s estranged wife and their two children.

“A lot of important filming took place in Haringey as well. A fight scene was filmed on a green in the Lightfoot Estate. A private home in Broadlands Close plays a safe house and pub scenes were filmed in the Hornsey Tavern.

“In Southwark, police patrol cars leave Samson House car park on Hopton Street, and armed police are seen along Sumner Street, The Cut and Bankside near Blackfriars station. And an abandoned car is found in Bear Gardens.

“South Place Hotel in Camden was used extensively for the hotel scenes.

“Senate House on Malet Street played St Matthew’s College as well as the outside of Downing Street and Whitehall.

“The official cavalcade travels across Lambeth Bridge.

“And a plate shot of the iconic London view from Telegraph Hill was taken in Lewisham.”

The series starts on Sunday August 26th. Take a look at the trailer here.

Christopher Robin brings Winnie the Pooh to London in new Disney film

Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin brought Disney’s Winnie the Pooh to the streets of London.

The huge production, featuring up to 200 cast and crew on location shoots, worked hard to rub along with real Londoners, inviting them to set visits, making donations to local communities and respecting special requests.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for Southwark, Lambeth, Haringey and Camden which hosted the filming.

FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett explains, “In the trailer there are some lovely scenes of Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin, speaking to Pooh Bear in a garden square.

“This was Merrick Square in Southwark where 150 cast and crew filmed over four days in September last year.

“In nearby Trinity Church Square, Christopher Robin jumps on and off the bus that runs between his office in the city and home in Merrick Square. They were big crowd scenes filmed in the quiet Georgian square.

“Christopher Robin’s home, set in Merrick Square, saw many scenes filmed as he, his wife played by Hayley Attwell, daughter played by Bronte Carmichael, Pooh Bear and his friends from The Hundred Acre Wood, arrive and leave the house, walking or cycling through the square.

“Scenes filmed inside the private gardens at Merrick Square are extremely picturesque and sweet. This is where Christopher Robin’s tree transports the characters between London and Hundred Acre Wood.

“The production spoke to residents in each home and really got to know everyone in the square. And we arranged a set visit for secondary school students, aged 15 and 16, from the nearby Ark Globe Academy.”

Josh Mansell from the school, who took the students on the set visit, said, “After the trip to the film set, we discussed the experience of being on a professional film shoot.

“The students were amazed at the time and effort that goes into shooting the scenes.

“They kept mentioning the clear enjoyment the professionals had for their jobs, as they were showing us around the set. The experience excited our students about career opportunities that look a lot more interesting than many other jobs. They came back motivated to look for jobs they could be passionate about.

“The passion of the film’s production team made it easier for our students to feel comfortable on set. It is important for students of any background to have experiences that take them out of what they are comfortable with.

“Of the students who visited, we now have at least one aspiring film music composer and one aspiring director – who were both delighted to see that this type of work could be available on their doorstep, so to speak.

“Being on the film set was something they won’t forget. It was incredible to see Merrick Square and Christopher Robin’s tree in the trailer – just as we’d seen them on set.”

Karen Everett continues, “The area around Morocco Street in Southwark, taking on Leathermarket and Bermondsey Streets were used for LIDAR scanning and are seen in the film with the Pooh Bear and the other Hundred Acre Wood characters capering through.”

Two hundred cast and crew filmed the hectic city street scenes in Camden in September and October.

Karen Everett says, “Action cars were filmed along Keppel and Malet Street in front of Senate House one Sunday in September.

“Over two days in October, Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear were filmed along Duke’s Road, stepping into the hustle of 1950s London.

“Scenes involving the period double decker bus crossing Lambeth Bridge were filmed in September – the bus Christopher Robin takes to and from work. These night and day shoots involved 50 cast and crew.

“And over six days at the end of August last year, 200 cast and crew moved into the Old Hornsey Town Hall in Haringey to shoot interiors. The features in the old town hall building lent themselves beautifully to the 1950s period the film was set in.”

Courtrooms and London’s real legal centre feature in The Split

BBC One’s new drama The Split features a female-led cast playing a family of divorce lawyers. Starring Nicola Walker, Meera Syal, Fiona Button, Deborah Findlay and Annabel Scholey, it was written by Suffragette screen writer Abi Morgan.

It starts on April 24th at 9pm. Here’s the trailer.

The series filmed last year across Kingston, Lambeth, Lewisham, Haringey and Southwark, as well as using the authenticity of Holborn in Camden for its legal office locations.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for all these councils.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett explains, “Being set around a family of lawyers, the script called for extensive courtroom scenes.

“Kingston’s old Surrey County Hall proved ideal – allowing the production to shoot over five days in total in September and November last year.

“Managed by Surrey Film Office, it’s a great location with plenty of room for a big cast and crew, and in the relatively quiet locale that welcomes filming.

“The accuracy to detail continued with law offices in Camden. Nicola Walker’s character has controversially left her family’s firm to join Noble & Hale, set in a building on High Holborn. Filming took place over the course of about a month from June to July, with more filming in September.

“The scenes filmed here include Nicola Walker as Hannah heading inside past a gaggle of reporters and ducking into a side street to shed a tear.

“Around the corner in Red Lion Square Gardens Hannah and a colleague eat lunch on a park bench.

“In Lambeth’s Railway Tavern on Clapham High Street, Hannah spots her ex boyfriend Christie, played by Barry Atsma.

“Nicola Walker, as Hannah, lives in a home on Macaulay Road in Lambeth, with her husband Nathan, played by Stephen Mangan.

“Their household scenes were filmed over about a week.

“The family home where Hannah grew up hosts a wedding reception among other scenes in the show. This was a home in Sydenham Hill Lewisham, where the production filmed for a week in October.

“The Kings Head pub in Crouch End Haringey features a stand up comedy routine in the show.

“In Canvey Street in Southwark, Fiona Button as Hannah’s sister Rose waits for her fiancé James, played by Rudi Dhamalingam.

“And in almost obligatory shot these days, we see Hannah crossing the river from Southwark’s Bankside.”

Nicola Walker has said she didn’t necessarily take to the legal power dressing for the show like a duck to water: “Abi [Morgan] refers to it as putting on her armour for the day.

“It’s a real departure for me personally, I do not possess any of those clothes in my wardrobe! I made an astonishing discovery that when I wear anything that isn’t a trainer or a welly, when I’m put in high heels, I have an ability – and it’s a real skill – to clip the back of my heels and send a beautiful high shoe flying into the air.

“There are so many outtakes of Jess the director shouting ‘Cut! Her shoe’s come off again…’ – you’d see it flying over the heads of the crew. It must be about the way I walk. It took me three weeks to master it.”

Young Londoners still smiling at Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner ad

A horse club in Brixton has thanked the Nike makers of Nothing Beats a Londoner for shifting perceptions of what’s possible in London.

Local fourteen-year-old Grace Mpungi, who has been riding with the club for six years, is seen calmly poised while her horse dramatically rears up in the ad.

The YouTube ad, launched in February, caused a sensation, and is still being shared and enjoyed online by young Londoners. Nike has had to pull the ad from its account due to legal action from others with the rights to the hashtag #LNDNR, but the ad can still be found on alternative accounts.

Naomi Howgate of Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, said, “It was a great experience for our riders and great exposure for our charity. We really hope it’s helped to challenge the idea of who makes a great horse rider and where they might come from.

“The fact is 100 young people ride with us here every week – and this is not where the horse community generally expects to find riders.

“Three of our young riders took part in a casting for the ad, which involved them going to train at a professional stunt riding centre. This in itself was a great experience for them.

“Then one rider was chosen to take part in the ad. Grace Mpungi is 14 and has been riding with us for six years, her older brother also rides with us. Her family live in the estate just behind Ebony Horse Club.

“She was so brilliant, completely calm and controlled on that big horse. The filming took place in the early morning one day in December, so it could have been cold and tiring, but Grace was treated to breakfast with the crew and received her Nike gear to wear for the filming, and she handled it all really well.

“Two horses, from Steve Dent Stunts, were brought to us in Brixton and warmed up before the filming.

“Grace was calm and collected through the whole process and the crew were really impressed with her. We were of course very proud.”

Grace was filmed taking her usual route by horseback through Wyck Gardens on Millbrook Road.

The location fee paid will help the horse club with its ongoing fundraising to continue making lessons available to local children in school holidays.

Naomi Howgate says, “We are fundraising at the moment to send 40 of our riders to a residential course over the August holidays. So we would very much welcome any donations to help with that.”

Brixton is in Lambeth, but Southwark, Haringey and Islington also took part in the ad, which is still considered a favourite by young Londoners.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for these councils.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “It’s obvious watching this ad that it was a big operation and we were happy to help out with getting parts of our neighbourhoods on screen, representing a London so many of the residents we serve will recognise as their own.

“Our boroughs can be seen almost from start as a young footballer tells Skepta a cycle’s light work, ‘I’ve got to run two miles just to get to training. Serious bro’, and runs along Kingsland Road to Islington’s Market Road Football pitches, before then scoring a goal.

“He’s immediately told that’s nothing by a boy who’s then seen running along Downhills Park Road in Haringey saying, ‘I have to run all the way from zone 6 with my school bag.’

“But his school bag pops open and a girl says, ‘Oh you think that’s tough..?’

“Next thing, she’s running along Choumert Road, in Peckham, Southwark, followed by a creepy skeleton, quad bikes and scooters, saying ‘I have to run through Peckham, at night.’

“As she passes Morleys Chicken Shop on the corner of Rye Lane, Giggs sticks his head out of the shop and asks, ‘What’s wrong with Peckham?’

“Well indeed, nothing’s wrong with Peckham. And the production left a generous donation to the Silverlock estate tenants and residents association there.

“A bit further on, we see a young ice hockey player at the Alexandra Palace rink in Haringey saying, ‘Noone plays ice hockey in London. I have to be my own team. My own opposition. And my own coach.’

“He’s quickly followed by Michael Dapaah who winds up in a barber shop on Hornsey Road in Islington, claiming he’s mates with Arsenal footballer Alex Iwobi. But Iwobi says, ‘No you’re not.’

“Dapaah wakes up in a house, also on Downhills Road in Haringey, to find Mo Farah in his bedroom.

“A boy back in Peckham is working out on an outdoor gym in the Silverlock Estate. He says he has to be his own security, and turns into an animated giant.

“To which a girl answers, ‘So, if this goes wrong, I’ll break my legs,’ before she’s thrown into a backflip in the beautiful Tottenham Town Hall in Haringey.

“And if that’s not bad enough, a boy says, flanked by a couple of mates, ‘I don’t even have a whole bike’, while he’s doing a wheelie on a frame with just a back wheel. This is along Gower Street in Camden.

“We should add that all proper precautions were taken with this rolling road shot with a police escort and four outriders.

“It’s then at about 2 minutes 43 seconds into the ad that we see Grace on her beautiful white stunt horse in Brixton, rearing up with the housing estates in the background.

“It’s a great piece of work. For us it’s extra special because local residents were taking part on camera as well as benefitting from donations to local charities.

“The filming took place in the cold of December last year, probably quite accurately representing the chilly conditions many young Londoners train in.”

Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh heads to a London hospital in new series Killing Eve

Sandra Oh, who starred in Grey’s Anatomy for 10 seasons, was drawn back to a hospital in her new series Killing Eve, starting on BBC America tonight.

Filmed largely in London, the hospital scenes were shot at Guy’s Hospital in Southwark. You’ll glimpse them, along with other London locations, in the trailer here.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for many London boroughs that hosted the shoot. FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “Sandra Oh is a desk-based, middle ranking spy operative, sent on the apparently simple task of sitting with the girlfriend of a murdered Russian politician.

“In the hospital bathroom, an intriguing nurse suggests she should wear her hair down. And when she gets back to her witness’s hospital room, everyone, including the guards, has been murdered. The nurse was character Villanelle, Oh’s nemesis in the cat and mouse spy series.”

Even before broadcast, a second series of the show was commissioned. Jodie Comer stars as the assassin Villanelle, and Oh’s character is Eve Polastri.

“Being a real hospital of course, Guy’s lends brilliant credibility, along with its central location, overlooking the Thames river and the City,” Karen Everett continues.

“Other scenes shot in the capital include a bus stop in Templewood Avenue in Hampstead, where an agitated Sandra Oh punches the glass – this features in the trailer too.

“A large funeral scene was filmed in Hampstead Parish Church on Church Row, in the borough of Camden.

“It wouldn’t be a London-based drama without pub scenes, so, also in Camden, Sandra Oh gets together with onscreen colleagues David Haigh, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Darren Boyd, at the Old Nick Pub in Sandland Street.

“Still in Camden, Oh is filmed striding along Clerkenwell Road, and café scenes were shot in Andrews Restaurant on Grey’s Inn Road.

“Oh’s onscreen husband Owen McDonnell is a generally kind bridge instructor – although he’s a bit shouty in the trailer – who teaches cards in the Mildmay Club on Newington Green in Islington.

“The action moves into Fabric nightclub in Islington’s Charterhouse Street, where there’s a stabbing.

“And more Islington scenes were filmed in the back garden of a Highbury Hill home.

“In Haringey, the production moved into Old Hornsey Town Hall for three days, again for scenes visible in the trailer. It’s a fantastic space, used in the show as a hotel lobby, a restaurant, bar, hotel corridor and hotel bedroom.

“This series really packs a punch. Cast and crew ranged from 50 to 60, shooting in FilmFixer client boroughs between July and November last year.

“The critics are already impressed by the episodes they’ve seen. Here in the UK we are looking forward to the series starting on BBC One later this year.”