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London lends its authenticity to Guerrilla – the capital’s overlooked tale of the black panthers

11th April 2017

London’s Black Panther movement has long been overlooked, left in the shadow of the American movement, but Idris Elba stars in a six-part series starting on Thursday basing the struggle firmly in our capital. The Sky Atlantic show was written by John Ridley – also behind 12 Years a Slave – who brought casts of

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Thierry Henry film crew supports summer ponies event

3rd April 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 18.28.52

Arsenal’s record goal scorer Thierry Henry filmed the new Gatorade ad in Islington’s Barnard Park last year. And this summer, locals will enjoy the benefits of a donation from the shoot. In the ad, which you can see here, Barnard Park has been transformed into a sunny football pitch, where a boy is being subbed

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Slightly difficult means it’s impossible: translating “British reserve” on location in London for The Sense of an Ending

15th March 2017
Charlotte Rampling and Jim Broadbent in Haringey

The Sense of an Ending asks us to re-think – among many things – the way we treat one another. And how did the London-based production treat its Indian director Ritesh Batra? He told The Washington Post, “It took me a while to understand British reserve. I was used to being in Bombay, or New

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A London bank rescues hula hoops ad

15th March 2017

Hula hoops saves the day at a former bank on Warham Road in Croydon. The new ad is part of a £4.5 million campaign – the biggest ever for the snack brand. It’s called West Heath Bank in the ad, where a hapless robber races in with a banana tucked inside a sock, demanding all

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Creating the icon: Prime Suspect 1973 filmed across London

1st March 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 21.04.20

Jane Tennison in 1973 might be a doe-eyed police newbie, a long way from becoming the iconic Prime Suspect character we last saw in 2006. But the series doesn’t shy away from car chases, gunfire and explosions, in the prequel series starting on Thursday on ITV. Here’s the trailer. London’s communities worked together with the

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It’s not a…

26th February 2017

Catastophe is back for its third season on Tuesday night – and the filming that went on was anything but. This time around Islington was put to work for the comedy, with scenes filmed in Jessop Court and Graham Street, then along the path to the canal. You’ll see the characters walking and talking along

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Back again in lucky London

22nd February 2017

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man returns for a second Sky 1 series on Friday, with James Nesbitt as Detective Inspector Clayton. Take a look at the trailer. Nesbitt has told reporters, “They say that you make your own luck and I’m pleased to say that in this case we did! I’m delighted that Lucky Man was

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Love Bankside, Actually

17th February 2017
Richard Curtis. Pic: Karen Everett

The Love Actually reunion on behalf of Red Nose Day came together yesterday, at lightning speed, on Bankside in Southwark, just outside Tate Modern. Dubbed, Red Nose Day Actually, the shoot, with Richard Curtis back at the helm, was scheduled for another location, that fell through at the last minute. However, Bankside, with its great

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Germany gets the first taste of London under Nazi occupation – when SS-GB debuts at the Berlinale film festival today

14th February 2017
Sam Riley at Highgate cemetery

The BBC One series adapts Len Deighton’s ’78 novel in which German forces patrol and repress London-life in the early 40s. The London locations were filmed in boroughs including Camden, Islington, Haringey, Lambeth and Croydon. Starting on BBC One on Sunday (February 19th), the mini-series is named after the SS branch controlling Great Britain. It

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LGBT flashmob “invaded” Camden Town Hall for a History Month feast

3rd February 2017

A 65-strong flashmob staged a friendly invasion of Camden Town Hall to celebrate February’s LGBT History Month – in a video featuring the mayors of Islington and Camden. Take a look. Islington Mayor Cllr Kat Fletcher and Camden Mayor Cllr Nadia Shah appear in the video, to celebrate, among other things, 50 years since homosexuality

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